Babergh Green Party Candidates 2021

Jessie Carter
Jessie Carter - Sudbury and Sudbury North

 Jessie Carter is a small business owner who grew up in Sudbury and is now raising a family of her own with her partner, children and dogs.
“I have spent over 7 years campaigning for the safer management of controlled substances.  I am now turning my attention to my home town and  community, working to restore Sudbury's thriving high street and protecting its beautiful green spaces. I am  eager to become an active Green voice for my community."
Simon Harley 
Simon Harley - Peninsula
Hi, I am Dr Simon Harley.
I spent 30 years as a GP looking after the health of individuals. Now I have retired
from the NHS I realise that the main threat to everyone's health and wellbeing is the climate and ecological crisis we are facing. I want to do all I can to bring this to people's attention and act on this instead of just talking about it! I am also active in our local community as Church Warden at Tattingstone. My other activities are gardening, and canoeing on our beautiful local rivers and estuaries.
Sallie Davies 
Sallie Davies - Samford
Sallie lives in East Bergholt with her husband.  Both her children are currently at university.   After a career as a BBC radio producer, she studied law and changed careers in 2007.  She is now an immigration lawyer working in Ipswich.  Sallie is a founder member of East Bergholt Cinema and still helps to run it.  She is also a volunteer adviser at Suffolk Law Centre. 
Ralph Carpenter Ralph Carpenter - Melford
Ralph is a practising architect working in the field of sustainable design. His office is based in Hartest in the west of the district. He is an active volunteer on planning, architecture and environmental matters with considerable experience of working with Babergh to improve the environment for Suffolk people. He is a member of the Suffolk Green Building network, and regularly opens his own house to visitors to demonstrate the improvements that we can make to our own houses. He is a keen cyclist, and campaigns for better transport for rural communities, including the use of car clubs. 
Jane Carruthers 
Jane Carruthers - Stour Valley
I live in Lindsey having moved back to Suffolk in 2019 to help care for my husband Paul’s elderly father. I grew up near Haverhill training as a Nurse at the West Suffolk Hospital before moving with Paul to Nottingham where we lived for thirty years. We have one grown up daughter. I worked as a nurse before taking a degree in Geography which led to work as a Field Ecologist. I have also been a self-employed gardener, Kindergarten Assistant and Museum Assistant. My passion is natural history. It was this love of nature that brought me to Green politics..   
Gail Pryor 
Gale Pryor - Hadleigh
I have lived in Hadleigh for almost 20 years and brought up my family here. I am an accountant by profession and was a founding shareholder and finance director for a construction company initially based in Hadleigh. I have always believed in being an active member of my community and am a committee member Hadleigh Environmental Action Team, Hadleigh Cycling Club and Hidden Gardens of Hadleigh..
Local councils have declared a climate emergency and an ecological crisis but I want to see some action on this not just words. I think it’s important to have a range of voices in local politics, and now is the time for me to stand up and bring a fresh female perspective to strengthen our town and build a fair community that benefits all 
James Killbery 
James Killbery - Great Cornard (CC) and Great Conard (BDC)
I have had a career in community work, and then in IT , in both public sector and commercial organisations, and then I ran a local antiques centre. I've retired now, and before lockdown was volunteering with FareShares.
In an argument with the kids about the importance of clearing up the kitchen, so it was clean for other people to use, (you know how it goes), I realised my generation hadn't done that with the planet, so I joined the Green Party
Theresa Munsen 
Theresa Munson - Sudbury East & Waldingfield
I'm Theresa Munson and I've lived in the Sudbury area since I was 12. The biggest worry for me is the rising levels of pollution in the air, water and soil. All life on Earth, including human life, is suffering and at risk of extinction because of toxic waste and chemical overload. My hope is that together we can stop this destruction so that future generations have a pleasant world to live in.
Robert LindsayRobert Lindsay - Cosford 
I have for a long time been convinced that the way politicians are running the world – driving for infinite economic growth when we have finite natural resources and putting big business before quality of life – is not achieving happiness and is wrecking the planet. I am a former national newspaper journalist, but since 2013 I have dedicated my time to the Green cause. In May 2014 I was the first ever Green Party candidate to be elected to Babergh District Council, and in May 2017 I was elected to Suffolk County Council.


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