Babergh Green Party Campaigners

Jessie Carter  Jessie Carter - Sudbury
 Jessie Carter is a small business owner who grew up in Sudbury and is now raising a family of her own with her partner, children and dogs.
“I have spent over 7 years campaigning for the safer management of controlled substances.  I am now turning my attention to my home town and  community, working to restore Sudbury's thriving high street and protecting its beautiful green spaces. I am  eager to become an active Green voice for my community."
Simon Harley 
 Simon Harley - Peninsula
Hi, I am Dr Simon Harley.
I spent 30 years as a GP looking after the health of individuals. Now I have retired
from the NHS I realise that the main threat to everyone's health and wellbeing is the climate and ecological crisis we are facing. I want to do all I can to bring this to people's attention and act on this instead of just talking about it! I am also active in our local community as Church Warden at Tattingstone. My other activities are gardening, and canoeing on our beautiful local rivers and estuaries.


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