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Lower Speed Limits:

Most road safety and health bodies now acknowledge that 30mph is no longer fit for purpose as a speed limit in residential areas. Many of Babergh's villages are blighted by traffic they were never built to take driving at speeds that are not appropriate for communities. Babergh Greens have been active trying to persuade Suffolk County Council to lift its ban on new 20mph speed limits.


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Rural Buses:

In the past year Suffolk County Council has halved its subsidy for bus services from £4.3 million to £2.1 million. It has also withdrawn its £1.75 million eXplore Card subsidy for the young. This penny pinching has led to the loss so far of at least 45 of the 117 subsidised routes and made many of the remaining services unviable by forcing people back into their cars. Greens want the county council to stop wasting money on new roads and invest in proper bus services, creating a virtuous circle as more people are encouraged to leave their car at home.


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