Suffolk Greens keep watching brief on hate crime

10 November 2016



Hate crime figures Sufffolk

Crime figures obtained by Suffolk Greens show a near doubling in hate crime in the county after the EU referendum.

The jump in Suffolk looks to be worse than the national surge in hate crime which has been widely reported.

The figures, obtained from Suffolk Police using a Freedom of Information Request, show that hate crimes in the county, which had been hovering between 30 and 40 a month in the nine months leading up to the June referendum, suddenly shot up to 78 in June and then rose even further to 89 in July.  Race crimes were by far the biggest contributor to the overall figure. 

Robert Lindsay, chair of Babergh Green Party, said: "The numbers then fell again in August. But at 62, this is still way above average and we don't know if the numbers dropped merely because more people are away on holiday.

"Suffolk Green Party will be keeping a watching brief on hate crime in Suffolk. Voting to leave the EU should not be a licence to people to openly abuse those in our communities who were not born in this country."

"There are many people who were born overseas living in Suffolk or who are EU citizens who have long felt welcomed as active and hard working members of the community. That tolerance of which the county is famed should not be destroyed because people have ticked a box on a ballot paper." 




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