Green Party councillors form new County group with Lib Dems and Independents

30 May 2017

Babergh Green Group

Newly elected Green Party County Councillors have been instrumental in bringing forward an open approach and forming a new 12 strong County Council group.

Along with Liberal Democrats and 4 individual Independents, a group has been formed that will be best placed to hold the council to account and deliver a fresh approach to making Suffolk a better place.

They share a desire to provide an alternative voice and to deliver the very best for residents, as well as make the living future of Suffolk a better one. The group will seek to bring people together with respect and not to divide and disappoint.

Andrew Stringer, Deputy Leader of the new group Green SCC Group, said:

“Although I have served along with many of the members of the group before, this feels like the start of something truly new. The public are crying out for our local politicians to lay down some of our political differences, roll our sleeves up and get on with it for the benefit of all, and that is precisely what we are aiming to achieve.”

Babergh Guild Group

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