Thanks from our candidate

9 June 2017

Thank you to all those 1,723 in South Suffolk who voted for me and the Green Party. We beat UKIP and I had fun in the hustings.
The Green vote held up here better than other parts of the country, even though the Green Party only contested a general election here for the first time just two years ago in 2015.

This is because of the work we did campaigning door to door in the county council elections which happened just a month earlier.
Across the country, this is NOT a return to two party system. People genuinely want a multi-party system but they thought they could vote tactically to try to get change. In South Suffolk that was never going to work. Our antiquated first past the post voting system makes it a guaranteed Tory seat.
It is so safe for the Conservatives I publicly congratulated James Cartlidge on his re-election as Conservative MP two weeks before polling day.

 Thanks again,
Robert Lindsay
Green Party parliamentary candidate, South Suffolk

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