Babergh Green Party unveils its own vision for the district and its citizens in response to the council's local plan

9 November 2017


Babergh Greens have rejected the council's "vision" for the district and called for improved quality of life and contribution to preventing climate crisis as the key goals for the district.

Responding to Babergh and Mid Suffolk's consulation on their joint local plan, Robert Lindsay, Suffolk County Councillor and chair of the Babergh Green Party, said: "the document the planners have come up with has nothing to do with quality of life and everything to do with growth for the sake of growth and profit and income for the councils."

The Green Party's submission says the vision for the two districts (including Mid Suffolk) should be

"To improve the quality of life and the health and well being of the citizens of Babergh and Mid Suffolk while ensuring the two districts contribute to carbon reductions targets set by the Paris Climate Agreement."

It says that an objective should be to "lessen car dependency for the citizens of the two districts"

It explains: “The two rural districts have become very car dependent in the past couple of decades as public transport subsidies have been slashed, and as new housing developments are built without any significant investment in cycling, walking or public transport.

"The way to cut car dependency would be to cease investment in new roads, but better maintain the roads we already have and invest more in public transport, cycling and walking. Planning objectives should steer developers towards homes within walking or cycling distance of public transport hubs and shops, GP surgeries and other facilities. In that way new developments would not increase car dependency.  Developers of any new houses or businesses should contribute to cycle and walking connections to those hubs.

"This would improve health, help improve the sense of community and wellbeing in towns and villages, reduce congestion and pollution and cut carbon emissions."

The Greens response also goes on to object to any support for a bypass around the north of Ipswich and across the Stour River valley in Sudbury.

It says: "Building more roads will create more car dependency and therefore more traffic, more pollution and more carbon emissions. Rural single carriageway roads through the centre of villages like Hintlesham which will feed this new northern bypass, will be choked by ever more traffic, triggering demands for more roads and more houses to provide the money for them, which in turn will drive more traffic and car dependency.  There is no end to this vicious cycle that planners and successive governments seem to want to encourage. The long standing rural charm of the two districts, and the quality of life of its citizens and the natural environment including will be destroyed by the incessant demand for ever more roads and houses."

The Greens' response also objects to “The hidden economic objective in this document which is growth for the sake of growth. Not all businesses or villages want to grow. A thriving economy does not have to grow over all to ensure a good quality of life for people." 

 The full response from Babergh and Mid Suffolk Greens to the Local Plan may be viewed HERE

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