Green Party member responds to Konings planning application

20 November 2017

Below is the letter about the Konings planning application as it appeared in the Suffolk Free Press on  Thursday 18th November 2017
As someone who cares about environmental issues, I am very concerned about the expansion plans for the former Copella fruit juice business that have been by submitted to Babergh by Konings, the Belgian company who now own and manage the facility.
The objectors quite rightly point to the huge increase in heavy goods traffic on the A134 and Stoke Road that would result if this development were to go ahead.
But there is an equally important factor that should also be taken into account when assessing this planning application – namely climate change issues.
We need to ask what would be the carbon footprint associated with a can of cider produced at the Boxford plant. Given all the road haulage involved in bringing the cider concentrate from far away, and then in transporting the final products all over the UK, Boxford cider would end up with a high carbon footprint - much higher than the craft cider produced in Suffolk from Suffolk apples by local breweries such as Castlings Heath Cottage.
Babergh Green Party have already objected to the plans on these grounds. We believe that Konings should look for a more environmentally responsible proposal for their expansion plans - ideally one where the canning factory goes on a brownfield site closer to where the concentrated cider comes from. 
If the targets agreed in the 2015 Paris Summit are to be met, we all need to consume more local food and try to minimise the ‘food miles' of the food we consume. Concreting over our productive countryside to build a processing facility that depends on importing cider made from apples grown far away is clearly a step in completely the wrong direction. 
Michael Sheppard - Local Green Party member.
Further objections have been voiced by The Dedham Vale Society and the Suffolk Preservation Society 

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