Green Party "Stop the Bypass Motion" voted down by Tory and Labour councillors

19 July 2019

A  motion proposed by Green county councillor Robert Lindsay to stop spending on Ipswich northern bypass and instead spend on zero carbon solutions to Ipswich’s traffic problems was defeated at the county council after Conservative councillors and Labour joined forces to vote it down, despite declaring a climate emergency just a few weeks earlier.

Robert’s motion, which was seconded by Lib Dem Councillor Caroline Page, received 12 votes in favour, two absentions and 50 votes against.  Most of the Lib Dem, Green and independent group voted in favour.

Before the meeting, members of Extinction Rebellion staged a die-in protest outside Endeavour House and members of the Stop Ipswich Bypass campaign were also there to show support for the motion.

Robert said: “I’m disappointed that neither Conservative nor Labour councillors are keen to talk the talk on climate change but are unable to walk the walk. There can be no doubt that building a new road will drastically add to carbon emissions just when we are pledged to reduce them.”

See video for Green Party Councillor Robert Lindsay in his closing speech.



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