Greens were celebrating in Babergh after a motion proposed by Cllr Leigh Jamieson was approved

3 September 2020

Better biking for Babergh
Green councillor successfully proposes motion at Babergh District Council

Greens were celebrating in Babergh after a motion proposed by Cllr Leigh Jamieson was approved, Leigh Jamieson Babergh Green Partywhich will see the creation of a Sustainable Travel Action Plan, aiming to increase sustainable travel over the coming years.

The hope is to build on the significant number of people that have either returned to or taken up cycling during COVID-19, by encouraging a permanent shift towards sustainable transport such as cycling, walking or public transport throughout the districts. This will also result in a reduction of pollution and carbon emissions.

The same motion was also proposed by Green councillor Dan Pratt and carried at a Mid Suffolk District Council meeting, meaning the two councils will work together on the plan.

Cllr Leigh Jamieson said:

“I’m pleased to see my motion forming part of a long-term plan for sustainable travel in Babergh. Hopefully, this will encourage more people to choose cycling and walking as their primary mode of transport wherever possible and allow us to create more accessible routes to help our residents get active as part of their routine.”

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