Babergh Green Party Officers

Steve NuttallSteve Nuttall, Treasurer
We moved to the beautiful Brett valley in Suffolk after I retired following a career in the insurance industry. Since moving here I have been involved in several local initiatives, including volunteering with Citizens Advice and establishing one of the earliest Covid Mutual Aid groups. 
Our world is undergoing major and unprecedented political, economic, social and environmental challenges. I joined the Green Party in 2019 as they seem to the only political party fully committed to addressing these challenges in our country, seeking a fairer society and individual fulfilment, while recognising that urgent action is needed to address the harm we are doing to our one and only planet. The Greens were the only party in the 2019  General Election fully committed to a substantive Green New Deal. This requires that we commit substantial resources to helping us achieve a zero carbon society in the near future. This is not really optional, and we have the resources and know how to do it.
After the Second World War forward thinking politicians created the NHS and comprehensive welfare state, at a time when many would have said we cannot afford it. Well we could and we did it. We need the same sort of thinking now to address the climate catastrophe and build back better.

Gordon MehrtensGordon Mehrtens, Electoral Agent & Nominating Officer
Gordon was raised in England and studied Mathematics at Bristol University before embarking on an international career which took him to Hamburg, Antwerp, Brussels and ultimately Vienna and central Switzerland. He worked as a CFO for renewable energies and renewable chemical companies as well as consulting for innovative businesses and entrepreneurs. He down-shifted with his wife and moved to Suffolk in 2018 to sympathetically renovate a Georgian building whilst significantly reducing it’s carbon footprint. Fluent in German, Gordon is a joint Swiss-UK national and believes strongly in learning from others to promote the Green agenda.
Laura SmithLaura Smith, Coordinator
I live in a small village with my son and work at a local primary school. 
The Climate and Biodiversity crisis is the biggest challenge of our time, and the Green Party is the only political party to understand this reality. 
Many of our so-called representatives do not understand the issues that face ordinary people. My child's generation deserves to grow up in a world with the same opportunities as previous generations; we need to stop the erosion of public services and properly tackle the climate crisis to ensure a safe and fair society for the future. 
Callum CoomberCallum Coomber - Membership Officer
Iam a musician and artist born in Suffolk and raised on Shotley Peninsula. After four years studying classical guitar and composition at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester I returned to Suffolk mid 2020.
My artistic work is becoming increasing political covering topics such as cross-species empathy, guided evolutionary meditation, singing with landscapes and the preservation of ancient woodland. It was through these projects that I decided to take action within the Green Party to ensure that the green ideas I have become to embody are advocated for. I feel particularly passionate about Universal Basic Income, Land Value Taxation, a full right to roam and rewilding.
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