Robert Lindsay

Councillor Robert Lindsay - Green Parliamentary candidate for South Suffolk, Suffolk County Councillor for Cosford and Babergh District Councillor for South Cosford.

I have for a long time been convinced that the way politicians are running the world – driving for infinite economic growth when we have finite natural resources and putting big business before quality of life – is not achieving happiness and is wrecking the planet. I am a former national newspaper journalist having last worked as a business correspondent for The Times. For the past four years I have lived in South Suffolk with my wife and two young boys running a smallholding and a PR and media consultancy. Last May I became Babergh District Council's first elected Green councillor.


South Suffolk needs someone to defend our market towns and villages from the wave of suburban over-development that is about to wash over them thanks to a supine local authority and the most aggressive pro-developer legislation this country has ever seen, legislation that is supported by all three major parties.
I want to put bus and train investment before new road building; independent businesses, the local economy and local communities before multi-nationals, and properly insulated, affordable homes above quick developer profits. Putting people’s well-being before economic growth will ensure both a better, more equal society and an economy that is environmentally sustainable.

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Dean WaltonDean Walton - Cornard South

Born in Sudbury, matured in Great Cornard. I left school to undertake a four year apprenticeship and have worked in the electricity distribution industry ever since. I’ve been an active volunteer locally taking part in litter picks and conservation work at various locations including Shawlands Wood and Great Cornard Country Park. I have previously served four years on Great Cornard Parish Council, Sudbury Town Council and Babergh District Council and through that have a far better understanding of local politics.



Jane GouldJane Gould - Membership Secretary

My working life has been varied, beginning in the Careers Office and spreading out into Social Care, Youth Justice and Education. I am a musician and teach from home. I have been Chair of the Governing Body of our Local Academy and am active in the local community. Currently, my husband, Tony, and I also run a B&B.

Social justice, inclusion, fairness, equal opportunities and a passion for nature and the planet are the principles that attracted me to the Green Party. I want a fairer world for my children and grandchildren and am willing to work to bring it about.


John SmithJohn Smith - Treasurer

John Smith has lived in N. Essex for 17 years, and Long Melford for 13 years. He has worked in electronic engineering, and in science teacher training. He is also a qualified music teacher and composer, and plays in music groups across East Anglia. He is currently a governor at Glemsford Primary Academy. At 79 he ought to stay retired, but is concerned that "business-as-usual” is not an option for local or national politics. He said: "Community survival, or at the very least, comfort may very well be in jeopardy if climate change management is left to deniers or heavy promoters of the growth ethic. I want local decisions to reflect the need for reduced energy use, in home heating, and in the delivery of goods and services. Our local district council needs prompting with your Green Party 'X'."



Laura SmithLaura Smith - Co-ordinator

I live in the village of Newton Green with my son. I spent several years living abroad teaching English as a foreign language, and now work at a local primary school. I feel that many of our so-called representatives are out of touch with the lives of ordinary people, and don't hold our best interests at heart. I believe that the Greens can redress the balance, because we believe in creating a fairer society. My child and his generation deserve to have jobs, public transport and affordable local housing to look forward to in the future, and I would like to ensure these remain and stop the erosion of vital local services.