Robert Lindsay

Councillor Robert Lindsay - Green Parliamentary candidate for South Suffolk, Suffolk County Councillor for Cosford and Babergh District Councillor for South Cosford.

I have for a long time been convinced that the way politicians are running the world – driving for infinite economic growth when we have finite natural resources and putting big business before quality of life – is not achieving happiness and is wrecking the planet. I am a former national newspaper journalist having last worked as a business correspondent for The Times. For the past four years I have lived in South Suffolk with my wife and two young boys running a smallholding and a PR and media consultancy. Last May I became Babergh District Council's first elected Green councillor.


South Suffolk needs someone to defend our market towns and villages from the wave of suburban over-development that is about to wash over them thanks to a supine local authority and the most aggressive pro-developer legislation this country has ever seen, legislation that is supported by all three major parties.
I want to put bus and train investment before new road building; independent businesses, the local economy and local communities before multi-nationals, and properly insulated, affordable homes above quick developer profits. Putting people’s well-being before economic growth will ensure both a better, more equal society and an economy that is environmentally sustainable.

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Lyndon Ship - AltonLyndon Ship

I am Lyndon Ship, I have spent a large proportion of my life and education within the South Suffolk area. I have recently started a University Degree at Greenwich University in which I am studying “Design and Construction Management” where the Green drive for sustainability is a very relevant principle. A desire to improve the quality of life for the poor is also a vision I share with the Greens, at 20 years old this is the first involvement I have had in politics and I am grateful to have been given the chance to represent the Greens and Democracy.

Giles Ship - AltonGiles Ship

My name is Giles and I have lived in the Alton area for the majority of my life. During this period I have gained a great sense of appreciation for the countryside and my surrounding area however there are a few things in my opinion which need to be changed and improved for the benefit of the community. I believe the Greens are a party that mirror most of my key values so I will be delighted to represent them in my peninsula. Turning 18 within the last six months has been of great convenience as it has allowed me to participate in this exciting election campaign. If elected I intend to bring as much help and service to my community as I can.

Jane Gould - BernersJane Gould

My working life has been varied, beginning in the Careers Office and spreading out into Social Care, Youth Justice and Education. I am a musician and teach in two local primary schools and from home. I have been Chair of the Governing Body of our Local Academy and am active in the local community. Currently, my husband, Tony, and I also run a B&B.

Social justice, inclusion, fairness, equal opportunities and a passion for nature and the planet are the principles that attracted me to the Green Party. I want a fairer world for my children and grandchildren and am willing to work to bring it about.

Felix Whymark – BoxfordColin Felix Whymark

I have lived in Polstead heath for most of my life. Since studying Archaeology at Exeter university I've worked locally as an archaeologist, and I am a musician. I have a passion for the countryside and believe in social equality, environmental protection and sustainability.

Colin Widdup – Brett ValeColin Widdup

Colin Widdup is the Candidate for Brett Vale (the villages of Bildeston, Hitcham, Brettenham and Wattisham) for Babergh District Council. He has been busy in the area throughout the year, helping with the Village Plan in Bildeston and with the Save the White Horse Campaign in Hitcham.

He says, “I think that local people deserve to have a representative who is active. Green principles are important to me, but even more so is being an independent voice standing up for residents.”


Laura Smith - Bures St MaryLaura Smith

I live in the village of Newton Green with my son. I spent several years living abroad teaching English as a foreign language, and now work at a local primary school. I feel that many of our so-called representatives are out of touch with the lives of ordinary people, and don't hold our best interests at heart. I believe that the Greens can redress the balance, because we believe in creating a fairer society. My child and his generation deserve to have jobs, public transport and affordable local housing to look forward to in the future, and I would like to ensure these remain and stop the erosion of vital local services.


Dean WaltonDean Walton - Cornard South

Born in Sudbury, matured in Great Cornard. I left school to undertake a four year apprenticeship and have worked in the electricity distribution industry ever since. I’ve been an active volunteer locally taking part in litter picks and conservation work at various locations including Shawlands Wood and Great Cornard Country Park. I have previously served four years on Great Cornard Parish Council, Sudbury Town Council and Babergh District Council and through that have a far better understanding of local politics.

Heather Sainsbury – Cornard SouthHeather Sainsbury

I have lived in Sudbury all my life, and I am currently studying at college ready for university in September whilst also working four shifts a week. I feel that students really have it tough in the current government, with a low minimum wage, poor and expensive travel links, high tuition and living costs and an unfair student loan system. I support Green because they are so invested in improving the education system, along with their strong will to make sure that Britain is a safe and fair place for everyone.

Emily Adams – Cornard NorthEmily Adams

I joined the green party last year as I felt like they were the party who not only most represent me, but also 90% of the rest of Great Britain. A few months later I was coordinating a Green Fair in my town with help from other members. I'm not the sort of person who throws money at a problem and expects it to get better. I invest that money with time, effort, and care to create a situation which will have benefited from the effort and care more than from the increase in money that results. Background: average citizen

Isla Kaye - Cornard NorthIsla Kaye

Since I was two years old I have lived around the Sudbury area only moving away briefly to attend university in the wonderful city of Brighton. I studied Health and Social Care and Applied Psychology and have worked in the social care sector since leaving university in 2012.

Miriam Burns

Miriam Burns - Dodnash

I’ve lived in East Bergholt since 2004. I’m an Occupational Therapist, specialising in mental health and have worked in the NHS since 1992. I believe passionately in protecting this valuable resource and improving local services. I volunteer with the local Heart Watch First Responders, which gives me an insight into local emergency services and the needs of local vulnerable people.

I believe in enhancing the resilience of our local community, protecting or developing services such as public transport, cycle routes, local trade and opportunities for renewable energy. Any new housing should be well planned, considering the needs of local people, be energy efficient and affordable to enable young people and senior residents to remain the in the area.

Graham Manning

Graham Manning - Glemsford and Stanstead

Graham has lived in and around Glemsford for most of his life, except for some years teaching in Essex. His children all went to local village schools, and now his grandchildren are doing the same.

He has been a teacher, school inspector, governor, parish councillor, and is now giving his time as a Community Transport driver. He is increasingly concerned about the loss of village identity brought about by the lack of affordable housing, poor bus services, the increasing number of supermarkets draining away business from our local food shops, and the damage to our roads caused by lost foreign juggernauts trundling through our lanes.


Peter Lynn – Hadleigh NorthPeter Lynn

Peter Lynn lives in Hadleigh North ward with his wife and young son and has worked for 14 years as a research professor at the University of Essex in Colchester. If elected, he would provide a strong Green voice for the town, standing up for fairness and honesty and with a particular eye on sustainability for the future.

Ralph Carpenter - HolbrookRalph Carpenter

Ralph is a practising architect working in the field of sustainable design. His office is based in Hartest in the west of the district. He is an active volunteer on planning, architecture and environmental matters with considerable experience of working with Babergh to improve the environment for Suffolk people.

He is a member of the Suffolk Green Building network, and regularly opens his own house to visitors to demonstrate the improvements that we can make to our own houses. He is a keen cyclist, and campaigns for better transport for rural communities, including the use of car clubs.

Ralph Crawshaw - LavenhamRalph Crawshaw

Ralph Crawshaw lives in Glemsford. He is now retired but his professional background was in human rights – working as a consultant for various international organisations such as the Red Cross, the United Nations and the Council of Europe. His main interests are reading, cycling and canoeing.

He is Green because, apart from his concern for the environment, he does not trust the larger political parties with the criminal justice system and with human rights. And he believes that economic policies and actions based on ‘austerity’ need to be challenged.

Janet Smith - Long MelfordJanet Smith

Janet has lived in Long Melford for the last 13 years and before that in Essex. She joined Friends of the Earth in the 1970s. She has retired from local government work. "I'm in several environmental groups locally and I enjoy getting stuck into volunteer gardening around Sudbury. Though previously a Labour voter, the last two Labour Prime Ministers moved to the right, so I looked round and found the Green Party is my natural home.

"If, like me, you're not happy with Babergh Council's performance on our behalf, now's your chance to vote for a bigger Green influence because this time the Green Party is contesting every single council seat in the area, including the two in Long Melford."

John Smith - Long MelfordJohn Smith

John Smith has lived in N. Essex for 17 years, and Long Melford for 13 years. He has worked in electronic engineering, and in science teacher training. He is also a qualified music teacher and composer, and plays in music groups across East Anglia. He is currently a governor at Glemsford Primary Academy. At 79 he ought to stay retired, but is concerned that "business-as-usual” is not an option for local or national politics. He said: "Community survival, or at the very least, comfort may very well be in jeopardy if climate change management is left to deniers or heavy promoters of the growth ethic. I want local decisions to reflect the need for reduced energy use, in home heating, and in the delivery of goods and services. Our local district council needs prompting with your Green Party 'X'."

James Molloy - Mid SamfordJames Molloy

Professionally qualified, I work locally in the insurance industry. I have lived in the Babergh District for ten years and in Suffolk most of my life, since the age of 12. A member of the suffolk wildlife trust (a particular obsession with owls) I care passionately about our beautiful area and will always seek to preserve it for nature and our future generations with an aim to also protect our local economy. I believe small enterprise is key to the success of Babergh District.

Sandra Townsend - North CosfordSandra Townsend

Sandra has lived and worked in Suffolk for the last 10 years, working in North Cosford and until recently actively involved in volunteering at Monks Eleigh Primary School.

Sandra is a firm believer in fairness and sees this year’s green surge as an indication that politics is about to change. Sandra would like to give the people of North Cosford a chance to vote for an alternative to politics as usual.

Lois Hickey

Lois Hickey - Pinewood

I am a mental health lecturer at University Campus Suffolk, teaching student nurses. I live on an organic farm and have been involved in Green politics for many years because I care passionately about the effect our endless efforts to chase economic growth is having on our environment and our health.

Simon Edge - Sudbury NorthSimon Edge

Simon Edge first moved to Sudbury 10 years ago. A former national newspaper journalist of nearly 20 years' standing, he has been a political activist all his adult life and joined the Green Party last year.

As well as standing for Babergh District Council in the Sudbury North ward, he is currently working as a full-time volunteer press agent for the party's general election campaign. He is passionate about Sudbury's ancient water meadows as a unique common resource which must not be destroyed by a by-pass. But as the owner of a 650-year-old cottage in the oldest part of the town, he also has direct experience of the pollution and other damage inflicted on Sudbury's medieval heritage by heavy lorries. If elected he will press for lorries to be re-routed on the existing roads around the town as a matter of the greatest environmental urgency.

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Steve May – Sudbury NorthSteve May

I am passionate about reversing the widening extremes in wealth and income equality, locally, nationally and worldwide. Many sources of media have a very narrow vision when attempting to represent a balanced view of improving things for the majority of the population, leading people to believe that what is good for the rich and self-serving elite is good for us all.

This affects young people in particular. I have worked as a teacher in many areas of education for over 30 years and also gather peoples opinions occasionally working for market research. I am also an avid lover of music and compose my own music. I am passionate about keeping up with current events and issues that affect people in all walks of life.

John Burch - Sudbury SouthJohn Burch

John has lived and worked all over the world and has had businesses in the Americas, South East Asia and Australia. He has lived in Sudbury for the past 10 years and is currently the CTO for Ltd, a software consultancy.

"Sudbury is a great place to live" said John, "But over the years I have seen a steady decline in just about every aspect of this historic market town. I really hope that I can bring my experience to bear in order to solve the acute problems affecting Sudbury"

John has his own campaign web site

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Melanie Sainsbury - Sudbury SouthMelanie Sainsbury

Melanie lives in Sudbury with her family. She is currently studying for a Philosophy degree and has a keen interest in mental health. Melanie's support of the Green Party is fuelled by a desire for fairness and a better future for all.


Daynore Cameron - WaldingfieldDaynore Cameron

Daynore Cameron has lived in Great Waldingfield for 16 years, previously in Sudbury for 4 Years.

I spent 20 years employed in the voluntary sector working in mental health and elderly care services. I worked as a counsellor/ psychotherapist for 10 years in private practice and as a volunteer for a local charity. The past 10 years I have concentrated on developing and fundraising for a special needs centre based in Sri Lanka and supporting my family with childcare.

The Proposed Chiltern housing scheme will mean 1,250 new homes, but will this address the problem of AFFORDABLE accommodation for young people in our area? and there is valid concern over the increase of heavy traffic that this will create. I am a supporter of sustainable energy and want to encourage awareness of Suffolk’s future relating to Sizewell Nuclear power station.